Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?
Ipsa was created, designed and built by Richard Zicari of Rochester Process, LLC; a New York
Process Server with over 15 years experience in the field. This site is under 100 percent control by IPSA and it's members.
There is no third party internet company associated with IPSA other than the secure
payment portion of this site.

Why was Ipsa formed?

IPSA was formed to make some of the most difficult tasks easier. Many people have yet to understand the magnitude of the available resources on the Internet. We decided to do the research and to bring them to a place designed for Process Servers by Process Servers.

What about the other Process Servers Resource Sites?

What Process  Server resource site? To the best of our knowledge, we are the first site designed to bring several hundred of resources into one easily navigated location. We are aware that there are other fine Associations with name directories; but we know of none created like ours. This is why our organization is what we believe to be the best value.

What about NAPPS
We are not in competition with NAPPS; Our agendas are completely different.
While NAPPS is by far the best association when it comes to providing security for the industry as a whole, we feel we are the best at finding valuable resources and bringing them to you in our online format.

Is there a members only area of this site?
No.  We feel it is best to maintain an open forum for everyone to use. This will increase the visibility and popularity of the site.
This will benefit the member; either through their listing or their advertisements.


Yes, advertising. Beginning October 15th, we will offer advertising on this site. However we will keep the amount to a minimum. We will not place any process server ads on the State page in which they do business. For instance, ABC company of Anywhere, Florida will not be able to place an ad on the Florida's State page in this site. They may however, place one on the New York page instead.

What types of memberships are available?

U.S. Membership ($75.00) and International Membership ($100.00)  annually.
We also offer a discount for a 2 Year membership of $125.00 and $175.00 respectively


Why That Price?

The price guideline we have set is to insure that those who join are serious about this business.  Although the cost is affordable, we feel this will deter "fly by night" process servers to mar the reputation of this site and the quality of service its members provide. 

What's the difference between the two membership types?

The U.S. Membership is for Process Servers who reside in the U.S. and the
International Membership is for Process Servers who don't. All members receive the same type of listing.

Why the price difference?

Simply because Commercial Banks charge heavy fees for non U.S. transactions, regardless whether or not the funds are in U.S. dollars. Also, overseas postage is considerably more.

Are Other Associations a waste of money?

Absolutely not! Any association dedicated to the unification and security of private process servers is a benefit to us all.

How many links are on this site and how did you find them?

Too many to actually count, but we estimate between 1200-1500.  The site is designed for easy navigation, so the appearance is deceiving. If you take the time to browse through the site, you will begin to realize how much information is available to you.
These links were assembled
through many hours of research (those wasted hours between 10pm and 8am).
We are perpetually researching to bring you more tools and upgrading the ones we have now.

How will I know when something new is added to the site?

We will send out monthly newsletter via E-mail to those on our list.

How many hits a month does this site get?
Since web counters can be manipulated, we decided to do something unique. Instead of placing a hit counter on our web, we decided to place the statistics directly from our web host provider. This is the most accurate and honest data available.

Who is IPSA?

Man you ask a lot of questions!!

We're process servers just like you. Just like you, we're tired of searching the Internet hopelessly for quality process servers.
We're tired of calling everyone looking for answers to questions about locating someone in the Military or in Prison.

We're tired of paying someone to research something in other States, when it was available for free all along.
We're sick to death of finding out that there was something available to us that had been around for a long time.

But mostly, we're annoyed that no one put together huge research tool just for process servers. (Shameless Plug)



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