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Rule 4(c)
(c) By Whom Served.
Service of summons and process, except
when service is by publication, shall be by
the sheriff of the county wherein the service
is made, or by his deputy, or by any person
over 18 years of age who is competent to
be a witness in the action, other than a party.
Subpoenas may be served as provided in rule 45.

RCW 18.180.010
Registration -- Exceptions.

(1) A person who serves legal process for a fee
in the state of Washington shall register as a
process server with the auditor of the county
in which the process server resides or operates
his or her principal place of business.
(2) The requirement to register under subsection
(1) of this section does not apply to any of the
following persons:
(a) A sheriff, deputy sheriff, marshal, constable,
or government employee who is acting in the course
of employment;
(b) An attorney or the attorney's employees, who
are not serving process on a fee basis;
(c) A person who is court appointed to serve the
court's process;
(d) An employee of a person who is registered under this section;
(e) A person who does not receive a fee or wage for serving process.
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