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§ 8.01-293. Who to serve process.

A. The following persons are authorized
to serve process:
1. The sheriff within such territorial bounds
as described in § 8.01-295; or
2. Any person of age eighteen years or
older and who is not a party or otherwise
interested in the subject matter in controversy.
Whenever in this Code the term "officer" or "
sheriff" is used to refer to persons authorized
to make, return or do any other act relating to
service of process, such term shall be deemed
to refer to any person authorized by this section
to serve process.
B. Notwithstanding any other provision of law (i)
only a sheriff may execute an order or writ of
possession for personal, real or mixed property,
including an order or writ of possession arising
out of an action in unlawful entry and detainer
or ejectment; (ii) any sheriff or law-enforcement
officer as defined in § 9-169 of the Code of
Virginia may serve any capias or criminal show
cause order; and (iii) only a sheriff, the high
constable for the City of Norfolk or Virginia
Beach or a treasurer may levy upon property.
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