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Rule § 9-5-6 Writs and process operating
throughout state Officers to whom directed.

All writs and process shall run throughout
the state, and shall be directed to the
sheriffs of all the counties in the state,
or to their deputies; but if the sheriff
of any county is a party to the action
or suit, the process, if to be served in
that county, shall, in addition to the
former direction, be directed to town
sergeants in the county, and may be
served by any one of them not a party
to the action or suit.

§ 45-16-14 Unauthorized services of process.
Any individual who serves, or attempts to serve,
any writ or legal process for any court of this
state, other than sheriffs, deputy sheriffs,
and those individuals so authorized for this
service pursuant to this chapter, or other
individuals authorized by law or by rule of
court shall be fined not less than five
hundred dollars ($500) nor more than one
thousand dollars ($1,000), and/or
imprisoned for a term of not less than
six (6) months, nor more than one year in
prison, for each violation; provided, that
this section does not apply to any city or
town constable nor to any power or authority
granted to them by any general or special law.

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