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Rule 4.1

(B) Personal service. When the plaintiff files
a written request with the clerk for personal
service, service of process shall be made by
that method. When process issued from the
Supreme Court, a court of appeals, a court
of common pleas, or a county court is to be
served personally, the clerk of the court shall
deliver the process and sufficient copies of the
process and complaint, or other document to
be served, to the sheriff of the county in which
the party to be served resides or may be found.
When process issues from the municipal court,
delivery shall be to the bailiff of the court for
service on all defendants who reside or may be
found within the county or counties in which that
court has territorial jurisdiction and to the sheriff
of any other county in this state for service upon
a defendant who resides in or may be found in
that other county. In the alternative, process
issuing from any of these courts may be delivered
by the clerk to any person not less than eighteen
years of age, who is not a party and who has been
designated by order of the court to make service
of process...

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