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Rule 52-50
(a) All process shall be directed to a state marshal, 
a constable or other proper officer authorized by 
statute, or, subject to the provisions
of subsection (b) of this section, to an indifferent
person. A direction on the process "to any proper
officer" shall be sufficient to direct the process to a
sheriff, deputy sheriff, constable or other proper
officer. (b) Process shall not be directed to an
indifferent person unless more defendants than
one are named in the process and are described
to reside in different counties in the state, or unless,
in case of a writ of attachment, the plaintiff or one
of the plaintiffs, or his or their agent or attorney,
makes oath before the authority signing the writ
that the affiant truly believes the plaintiff is in danger
of losing his debt or demand unless an indifferent
person is deputed for the immediate service of the
writ or other process. The authority signing the writ
shall certify on the writ that he administered the oath
and insert in the writ the name of the person to whom
it is directed, but he need not insert the reason for such
direction. Any process directed to an indifferent person
by reason of such an affidavit shall be abatable on proof
that the party making the affidavit did not have reasonable
grounds, at the time of making it, for believing the statements
in the affidavit to be true...
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