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(c) Methods of Service -- Appointments to Serve Process
-- Definition of Peace Officer.
1) Service of all process shall be made by a peace
officer, by a person specially appointed by the
Commissioner of Public Safety for that purpose
or, where a rule so provides, by registered or
certified mail.
(2) A subpoena may be served as provided in Rule 45
without special appointment.
(3) Special appointments for the service of all process
relating to remedies for the seizure of persons or property
pursuant to Rule 64 or for the service of process to
enforce a judgment by writ of execution shall only be
made by the Commissioner of Public Safety after a
thorough investigation of each applicant, and such
appointment may be made subject to such conditions
as appear proper in the discretion of the Commissioner
for the protection of the public. A person so appointed
must secure the assistance of a peace officer for the
completion of process in each case in which the person
may encounter physical resistance or obstruction to the
service of process.
(4) Special appointments for the service of all process
other than the process as provided under paragraph (3)
of this subdivision shall be made freely when substantial
savings in travel fees and costs will result.
(5) The term "peace officer" as used in these rules shall
include any officer of the state police, members of the
police force of any incorporated city, village or borough,
United States Marshals and their deputies, other officers
whose duty is to enforce and preserve the public peace,
and within the authority conferred upon them, persons
specially appointed pursuant to paragraph (3) of this
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